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Riviera Kindergarten covers from Nursery to Upper Kindergarten (U.Kg.). It is duly designed with Montessori teaching-learning system.

Basic School Education at Riviera covers from Grade One to Grade Eight of school education as recently designed by the government.

The Secondary School at Riviera covers the classes from Nine to Twelve.

Riviera International Academy

Riviera International Academy is an educational institution where an optimal and safe learning environment exists for children. Riviera is the school you are looking for where the children take intellectual adventures, where they take a chance to stretch their mind, where academics include books and much more, where they make friends that last a lifetime, where learning happens all the time and where learning is fun...

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News & Events

Activities & Holidays of Baisakh - 2075
Date   : Activities  
5th -7th   : Teachers’ Meeting, Training & Orientation  
8th   : Boarders Report to School (4:00 PM to 5:00 PM)  
9th      : New Academic Session Begins  
9th -13th   : Revision Classes  
 14th    : Final Class Routine Distribution / House Division for New Students / Selection of Class Captains and Nomination of Clubs’ Executive Members Formation of Students’ Council   
16th     : Briefing on Buddha Jayanti / Laborers'  Day in the Assembly  
18th    : Parents / Guardians Visit Boarders (11:00 AM to 1:00 PM)  
20th     : Briefing on World Press Freedom Day in the Assembly / Students’ Orientation (VI–X )   
22nd   : Hostel Rules Briefing to Boarders by Hostel Warden / Parents' Orientation for New Parents (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM)  
23rd   : Submission of Annual and First Term Plan by the Teachers / Election of School Captain and Vice Captains  
23rd -28th   : Classroom Decoration Week  
24th   : Syllabus Briefing for the First Term / Students’ Orientation (I –V) / Oath Taking Ceremony of School Captain / Captains' Meeting with Principal / Coordinators  
25th   :

Class-wise Text Reading Competition ( I –X) / Colouring Event (Kg.) / World Red Cross Day (Special Program by Social Club / Release of Monthly Magazine (Baisakh Issue)

26th     : Briefing on Law Day in the Assembly  
28th –31st   : Monthly Test  
1st   : New Year Day  
 1st - 8th   : Session Break  
17th   : Buddha Jayanti  
18th   : Laborers’ Day  

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